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Your dental hygiene plays a vital role in your overall health. Our dental hygienists clean your teeth to give you that sparkling feeling only a trip to the dentist can provide. We also help monitor problem areas in your teeth, offer tips for at-home care, and answer your questions and concerns. Scheduling routine dental hygiene appointments can help ensure optimal oral health at any age.

How Often Do I Need Dental Hygiene Appointments?

We recommend scheduling a dental hygiene appointment at least once a year to help remove the stubborn, built-up plaque from your teeth to provide healthy gums and prevent cavities. Some people benefit from additional appointments in between to keep plaque under control. Talk to our dentists or dental hygienists about what level of cleaning is best for you.

Dental Hygiene at Home

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy relies on a good oral hygiene routine at home. Our dentists recommend brushing twice a day thoroughly and after eating something especially sweet. We also recommend patients floss daily or regularly to remove that excess plaque from between teeth and help prevent tooth decay.

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