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Do you have persistent pain near the base of your tooth? Have you suddenly become more sensitive to hot and cold or certain foods? This may be a sign that you need a root canal. Our dentists will fully examine the area of concern to recommend the right treatment. If a root canal is necessary, you’re in great hands here at Guildford Village Dental.

What to Expect During a Root Canal

Root canal procedures are straightforward treatments in most cases. The appointment runs a bit longer than filling a cavity and involves cleaning out the canals below your teeth where the roots sit. Local anesthesia is used to ensure you don’t feel a thing during the procedure. Afterward, our dentists will discuss the best options to protect the tooth from further damage.

What Causes a Root Infection?

Various causes can lead to root infection. Insufficient brushing, gum disease, and trauma to the mouth are all frequent causes of infected roots. A daily oral hygiene routine and regular dental check-ups can help prevent root infections from forming in most people. If you have questions about better protecting your teeth, ask our dentists, we’re happy to help.

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