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TMD or temporomandibular disorders affect the jaw, face, head, and neck due to tight clenching of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). Talk to our dentists about treatment if you or someone in your family experiences TMD and needs support. Dental-issued devices can help to alleviate the effects of TMD while you sleep.

How Do I Know If I have TMD/TMJ?

Patients who are diagnosed with TMD or TMJ disorder typically wake up with tense or sore jaw muscles that can extend down the neck and shoulders, causing discomfort, long-lasting tension, and pain. If you think you may be suffering from TMD, you can talk to our dentists, be referred to a TMD specialist, or speak to your primary care physician.

What Does a TMD Device Do?

A dental TMD device is a bite guard, also known as a night guard or occlusal splint. This device is custom-fitted to your mouth and provides a sturdy yet comfortable barrier between your teeth which helps alleviate clenching while you are asleep. For more severe cases, there may be other options that our dentists can discuss with you during a consultation.

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