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Guildford Village Dental is delighted to introduce “Happy Visit Days” for our young patients who are about to embark on their first-ever dental experience. We understand that visiting the dentist can be an anxious event for children, and we aim to turn that fear into understanding, making their dental journey a positive and enjoyable one. Our team is committed to nurturing a warm and friendly environment where young minds can learn about oral health and discover that dental visits can be exciting and fun!

Why Happy Visit Days Matter

It is no secret that many children feel anxious or scared about going to the dentist. Unfamiliar sounds, clinical settings, and dental tools can all contribute to building up this fear. However, early dental visits are crucial for maintaining good oral health and preventing potential dental issues in the future. Happy Visit Days are an excellent way to eliminate the stigma associated with dental visits and show young patients that there is nothing to fear!

What Happens on Happy Visit Days

On Happy Visit Days, our dental clinic is transformed into a welcoming wonderland filled with exciting activities and educational experiences. Here’s what your child can expect:

Meet and Greet: Our friendly dental team welcomes each child and their parents with warm smiles, creating a relaxed and safe atmosphere.

Tour the Office: Exploring the dental clinic can be a thrilling adventure for children. They get a chance to see the dental chairs and instruments and learn how everything works.

Interactive Demonstrations: Our skilled dentists engage the young visitors in interactive demonstrations, showcasing how dental check-ups are done and what each tool does. This helps demystify the equipment and reduce anxiety.

Oral Health Education: Learning about oral hygiene and its importance is a vital part of Happy Visit Days. We use child-friendly language and visuals to educate them on proper brushing, flossing techniques, and the importance of a healthy diet.

Fun Games and Activities: Learning can be fun! Children participate in entertaining games, and activities centred around dental health, earning prizes along the way.

Storytime: Engaging stories about dental visits are shared, encouraging children to relate to positive experiences and see the dentist as a friend.

Goodie Bags: Each child receives a unique goodie bag filled with dental care essentials and surprises to take home.

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At Guildford Village Dental, every child deserves a positive dental experience. Happy Visit Days reflect our commitment to ensuring young patients feel at ease when visiting the dentist. By providing an enjoyable and educational environment, we aim to remove the stigma associated with dental visits and lay the foundation for a lifetime of oral health wellness. We look forward to welcoming your child to our Happy Visit Days and embarking on this fun-filled journey together! Remember, at our clinic, every visit is a reason to smile!


Every August, we will hold an Open House Happy Visit Day.


Looking to come by sooner? Schedule a drop-by Happy Visit for your child when convenient. Contact us today to schedule your child’s Happy Visit!


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